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OMG! Hells yea! You definitely need to have space for a bed like this but hey you can take my regular bed away. This thing is my new best friend! It’s for kids? Nah! I would like to see more types of animals though but this product could definitely grow if they put the right elements into it. I haven’t checked the price on it yet. I’ll let you do that. *covers eyes*

It’s been awhile, what can I say.. BUT. I am back with more wicked stuff for you that I found around the interwebs.

First. Behold. Yes Mr. Potato head is back. In Elvis form! Neaaat. I never owned a Mr. Potato head but I like what they are doing by making them into different characters.

Click on the pic for more info on this coool dude!

What? The beanock? Hmm! Not quite the name I would expect for what seems to be a super awesome comfy hanging chair! WHY didn’t I find this earlier in the summer. It’s everything you want in a perfect summer napping place in the backyard or indoors.

The cost of these are $568.40 for the larger model, and $284.20 for the smaller one. I’ll just stick this one on my christmas wishlist.. cause hey who can’t use one of these especially after you’ve eaten too much turkey dinner! :)

Click the pic for more info on this awesome product!

The NEW design for a bike! EVERYONE is going to want one of these!

Quoted directly from

"What he came up with was a pretty simple, but radical improvement on their design. Instead of keeping the bike’s overall diamond geometry, he replaced the rear part of the frame with a set of circular rings. It changes nearly nothing about how the bike goes together or how it operates, but has a dramatic effect on how it rides. With the RoundTail frame, vibrations and shocks from the road are transferred to the two metal circles, where the energy follows along their circumference until dissipated. Instead of traveling up to the rider. In tests, the RoundTail frame has been found to absorb 60 times more vibrations from the road than a standard frame, allowing riders to spend more time riding before they start feeling any discomfort."

This bike is going to be the next big thing and definitely up there for cool bike designs. Click the pic for more info on this product!

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